Thursday, September 3, 2009

In a Class by Herself

Just look at that precious smile!! Monday was the first day of school (Mother's Day Out) for Sister. I was a bit nervous for her because she tends to be shy in new situations. However, she LOVES to play with other children, so I knew she would quickly fall into a new routine. Because of our move, we were late in the registration process. So Sister is only going to MDO one day a week. She was so excited to begin her new adventure.
I don't know if her excitement was because of the new princess lunchbox (poor thing has only had hand-me-downs before), or if life is just too boring with Brother in school -- no matter, Sister was up and ready EARLY on Monday morning. I have to say that I, too, was excited to have 5 hours to myself.
The most wonderful news of the day was that Sister LOVES, LOVES her new school!!!! She walked right into the classroom without shedding a single tear. When I picked her up, the teachers told me, "She acts like she's been here all her life." Oh YEAH! God knew I needed at least one easy child this fall. The only tears were when I told Sister she couldn't go back to school the next day. Unfortunately, because of Labor Day, she has to wait 2 weeks to return to her new favorite place. She has asked me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. when she can go back and play with her new friends.
On another note - I have finally uploaded the vacation pictures -- all 189 of them. So, I will be posting vacation details for the next few days. Thank you for all your prayers for Brother. He is still struggling in his new school but I am confident that he will find his way soon.

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