Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Vacation 2009 (part 3)

So, today concludes our trilogy of vacation recap posts. Sunday morning was a beautiful morning. I guess everyone was recovering from the busy day before because Brother (who usually gets up with the sun slept until 10!) So, sister and I enjoyed the quiet morning on the patio. Isn't she cute?
If you cannot tell, the chairs on the patio had the State Seal of Texas -- how appropriate! So, once everyone was up and moving, we headed out to Talking Rocks Cavern to do a little spelunking. We got to enjoy neat things underground like this
and this (they call those formations cave bacon -- can you tell why?)

Did I mention that the cave is underground? So, we had to climb these stairs to get there. The were quite narrow and steep.
While the cave was interesting, I'm not sure spelunking is for preschoolers. This is how sister felt about the cave. (Yes, I had to hold/carry her through most of it. Did I mention the many stairs? AUGH)

Brother is into science and stuff, so he thoroughly enjoyed the caving. Sister was much happier at the scenic overlook once we exited the cave world.
After a not-so-fabulous lunch (maybe another post), we headed back to the condo for swimming and a much needed nap for mom. YIPPEE!

Then, after getting cleaned up, the family showed our sporty side with a rousing game of putt-putt (commonly referred to as "little golf" by sweet Sister).

Brother took his golf game serious.
Sister was just more concerned about looking good on the greens.
She was so proud that she found a pink ball that complemented her wardrobe.

She did manage a few good shots, including this very close hole-in-one. We scored it as a gimme.

Aren't we a happy bunch?

Along the golf trail, we encountered various creatures. Some from the Jurassic era.

Others from more modern times. (That, my friends, is a groundhog!! Have you ever seen one other than Punxsutawney Phil? This one just lived at the putt-putt and wandered around the grassy area like a pet.)
After the game, (I'm not sure who won because we didn't keep score -- but I'm sure it was me) we went out for a bite to eat. We ran by a couple of stores, but because it was Sunday, they had all closed up for the evening. I got a chuckle out of this one sign.
Yes, that store wasn't closed, it was SHUT! HaHa
So, we moseyed back to our condo to pack up for the trip home. It was a fun get-away. One that we richly deserved and greatly appreciated!

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