Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Vacation 2009 (Part 2)

So, we are still enjoying a fantastic Saturday in Branson. After the Butterfly Palace, we headed back to the condo for some swimming. I have to say that swimming was the main agenda for this vacation. The kids love to swim, and we just haven't had time for it this summer. However, mother nature had other plans for our family because it was a bit too chilly for swimming and the water was COLD! Not to be deterred, the kids still got in the water, but we had to wait until later in the afternoon so the sun could warm up a bit. Hubby drew the short straw, so he got in, too. I was official photographer.
I did eventually get in the water, but Hubby was not allowed to document any of that with film!

After swimming, we cleaned up and headed to Branson Landing for dinner. Sister was so worn out, that she fell asleep in the car on the way there (about a 8 minute drive). She slept on Hubby's shoulder for about 45 minutes!
We were excited that we could catch some "back home" flavor in Branson.
Nope, we didn't eat here -

We choose to eat here. YUMMY!!

We sat outside on the patio, so we could take full advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery. Isn't that was vacation is all about?

Plus, our outside seating provided a great view of the Fire and Water show! It was AWESOME!

After dinner, we strolled the shops and watched the street entertainers. Once again, we found a little bit of Texas.
Although we aren't hunters or fishers, we wandered into Bass Pro Shop. Where Brother had a brief encounter with a bear.
Sister got so excited by the fish that she apparently waved her arm right off.

And both kids added to their Christmas wish list.

We did buy something at Branson Landing - a table for the family room. Yes, we are crazy people who buy furniture while on vacation. It never fails that we find some treasure and have to figure out how to haul it home. Sadly, this isn't a first time thing for us. But we did make it work.

On the way to the car - after a long day - we caught the Fire and Water show again. It is really incredible.
So, we headed back to the condo for some much needed rest. It was a fun day -- one that reminds me how much I love and enjoy my family.

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